We decided to sunset the Job Protocol platform but are happy to redirect clients and talent partner to Hirechain!

The Open
Recruitment Network

Job Protocol connects companies with an ecosystem of talent partners to hire the right candidate faster and cheaper. Get started in the network as a freelance recruiter, agency, community, job board, HR tech business, publication, event...

Great organisations recruiting through Job Protocol

Why Job Protocol?

Reach the best talent

By adding an incentive to your open roles, you incentivize anyone to become a marketeer for your role. Our ecosystem of freelance recruiters, agencies, communities and well-connected people in the space will start asking around who's interested, reaching 10x the relevant candidates you normally would.

Hire faster and cheaper

Working with recruiters can be a pain: they are expensive and require a lot of follow up. Via Job Protocol, you work with hundreds of recruiters & other talent partners in parallel, and you decide the price up-front. You'll find top talent for 50% cheaper than working with an agency.

    Interview pre-vetted candidates

    After listing on Job Protocol, you'll get a ton of candidates. With our expert in the loop AI, your candidates will be vetted, graded and annotated to ensure a strong signal over noise ratio.

    Some of the roles we helped fill

    Senior Devops Engineer

    Pocket Network

    Senior Business Developer

    CoW Protocol

    Senior Software engineer

    Alliance DAO

    Smart Contracts Developer


    Senior Full-Stack Engineer


    UX/UI Designer


    Frontend Engineer


    Senior Product Designer


    What our users are saying

    "Really happy with the quality of candidates. Very convenient way to centralize our workflows with many recruiters"

    Monica, co-founder @ Firm

    "It feels magical because you don't really understand how they did it. I definitely recommend it to other founders"

    Chris, COO @ DFNS

    "Our experience has been great. We just filled a position where we had been looking for a very long time. already."

    Fran, CEO @ Superfluid

    Other clients describe us as
    Efficient - Fully Aligned - Cost effective - Faster - Better - Vetted - Easy to Use - Qualitative

    Make money helping people find a job

    Monetize your network by helping fill open roles. We bring the open roles, so you can just focus on finding the best candidates.

    Don’t lose time finding clients

    Finding clients to help with their recruiting needs takes a lot of time. Focus on what you do best - finding talent - and let us do the rest.

    Save time through transparent compensation

    No hassle, negotiations or broken commitments. All roles have a clearly defined bounty, awarded to whoever finds the candidate that helps fill the role.

    Find the perfect open roles for your audience

    Our extensive database of open roles has great matches for any profile. Use our extensive search and filtering tools to stay up to date with the best matches for your audience.

    It only takes 2 minutes to get started

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are the placement bounties paid?

    Placement fees can be committed and paid in USD or in USDC. Job Protocol won't cost you anything, unless you hire through the network.

    Is there a rebate period?

    Yes. We use a 90 days rebate window. If the candidate leaves or is asked to leave within 30 days after hiring, 100% of the bounty is refunded. Between 30-60 days it’s 50% and between 60-90 days its 25%. This also implies that the payouts are subject to that same schedule.

    Do you ask any fees?

    We ask a 10% network fee on top of the bounty. This fee is used to review candidates, maintain the platform and grow the network. This fee is paid on the same schedule as the bounty itself.

    What  if a vetted candidate was already part of our funnel?

    We’ll ask you to submit some sort of evidence of when this candidate applied through any of your other channels. We'll compare this with our records, if the candidate applied directly less than 48 hours prior we attribute this to the Talent Partner in our network. If it not, then we don’t count it as submitted through our channel.

    How do you vet candidates?

    With the more than 30,000 candidates that have passed through the network, we're building AI models that allow our in-house expert recruiters to be insanely effective in filtering signal-from-noise.

    If you have more questions. Visit this page.

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