Incentivize anyone to help fill your open roles

Job Protocol lets companies publicly post open roles with a finder’s bounty on the blockchain, incentivising anyone - human or machine - to help fill them. Unlock the open and decentralised recruiting market to find the right candidates faster.

Save time setting up candidate sourcing channels

Spend less time finding and onboarding recruitment partners. Just submit your role, set a bounty, and partners will start submitting candidates.

Increase your reach through the open recruiting market

Receive candidates from the most diverse set of sourcing channels: professional recruiters, your extended network, niche communities forwarding their members...

Get a steady stream of high quality candidates

Recruiting partners build reputation based on the quality of candidates they submit, leading to high signal over noise.

100% success based pricing: no hire, no fee.

Great web3 organisations recruiting through Job Protocol

List your job opportunities and attach a reward

List your open roles and attach a finder’s fee that will incentivize the network to help fill your role.

Receive high quality candidates

Anyone who knows good candidates for your role can submit profiles:

  • Recruiters
  • Referrals
  • Communities with relevant audiences
  • Products with distribution

Quality is maintained thanks to our reputation system.

Interview & hire the best fit

Incentived to help your succeed

Interview top candidates and hire the best. The person that referred this candidate will receive the finder’s fee.

Make money helping people find a job

Monetize your network by helping fill open roles. We bring the open roles, so you can just focus on finding the best candidates.

Don’t lose time finding clients

Finding clients to help with their recruiting needs takes a lot of time. Focus on what you do best - finding talent - and let us do the rest.

Save time through transparent compensation

No hassle, negotiations or broken commitments. All roles have a clearly defined bounty, awarded to whoever finds the candidate that helps fill the role.

Find the perfect open roles for your audience

Our extensive database of open roles has great matches for any profile. Use our extensive search and filtering tools to stay up to date with the best matches for your audience.

It only takes a few minutes to set up

Frequently Asked Questions

In which tokens are the placement bounties paid?

As of now, placement fees can only be committed and paid in USDC. However, very soon organisations will be able to pay in any ERC-20 token.

Is there a rebate period?

Yes. We use a 90 days rebate window. If the candidate leaves or is asked to leave within 30 days after hiring, 100% of the bounty is refunded. Between 30-60 days it’s 50% and between 60-90 days its 25%. This also implies that the payouts are subject to that same schedule.

Do you ask any fees?

No, not at the moment. We’re focussing on building momentum, learning and providing a stellar experience. Once we have all that, we will start to ask for a minimal fee which will be a percentage of the placement bounties.

What  if a candidate was already part of our funnel?

We’ll ask you to submit some sort of evidence of when this referral was made through any of your other channels. We'll compare this with our records, if the referral through Job Protocol was later, then we don’t count it as submitted through our channel.

Where can I see the smart contracts?

We're working on making our entire process decentralised and open, however in the meantime we're iterating some of our models in closed and centralised version.

If you have more questions. Join our Discord Server.

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